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We believe that design without art is just noise. Why? Because we humans crave emotion. We crave connection and a sense of belonging. Art has the power to make you feel. It transcends meaning and has a lasting effect. It’s why we don’t just create design, we create art.



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Jordan Vining



Matt Stamatov



Sushant Gurung


Matt is a designer, illustrator and artist. Ever since childhood, Matt has been a traditional fine artist, specializing in drawing and murals.


Following graduation from CU Boulder, Matt took his artistic abilities to Denver Ad School where he studied to be a designer and illustrator. These skills have effectively translated into the design and advertising industry allowing Matt to bring a variety of brands and creative concepts to life.


Matt is now a full time graphic designer and illustrator creating unique and custom digital art, while still pursuing his passion for fine art and charcoal drawing on the side.

Jordan is a multi-media creative whose passion for creating evolved out of the margins of his school books, and of course the music he listened to. 

After studying Finance & Computer Science at Boston College, Jordan found a passion for working in tech but his curiosity directed him to pursuing a career that could intermix his love for technology & startups with the creative field. 

Jordan now uses his technical and artistic skills to help brands build an array of experiences through illustration, design, & video.

Sushant is a proven creative marketer with a passion for brands' role (and potential) within society. He is a marketing connoisseur with extensive experience in creative strategy, integrated marketing, and brand storytelling.

Throughout college, Sushant interned at a digital marketing agency which shaped his professional development and ignite his interest in marketing. After graduation, he worked across various facets of marketing in order to diversify his skillset. From Account Management Strategy to Creative production, Sushant has gained knowledge and processes from agencies big and small.

Now he looks to hone his business acumen to drive the agency and brands we serve.

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